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Naza Sutera

i've found this in an automotive forum...seems like those stupid people/proton bashers got what they deserve afterall...and mr naza man gets more money..hahhaha

here it goes..enjoy
Guys.. I already got the car last week. Let me share with u what I
felt and foun out about MY car.

1. From the quality of the car, u can see that the main objective of Naza
is only to make profit. The car is no quality at all. I made a big
mistake judging the car by its cover.

2. The Quality Inspection Department at Naza is terrible. Almost 50%
plactic part inside & outside MY car is not fixed properly. * I have to
tighten the screw that loose.

3. On my second day I got the car, I park it outside my office. Raining
heavily that morning. I came out from the office just to find out that my
driver and passenger behind the driver seat is flooding with water. The
rubber at the door is no quality at all. Water went inside. I have to
send to service centre for fixing. Take 2 days for the fixing because the
mechanic have to do inspection to find where the water come from.

4. The plastic cover that cover between the stereng and the dashboard is
loose. One big screw felt down from under the stereng when the mechanic
turning the stereng left and right to fixed the cover.

5. the black plastic bottle that contain liquid (not sure for what) was
not properly fixed into it place.

6. During the second day my car at the service centre, since I have free
time that day, I accompany the mechanic doing his job fixing the car.
Suddenly the mechanic shouted angrily.. I ask him what happened? Guess
what, the hose that connect the fuel pump to the tank is wrongly
fixed. What the hell is this NAZA? Are u making LAWAK KOMEDI?!!!

7. The water pump that shoot the water for the wiper is not working.
Front and rear the same.

8. My bonnet is not fixed properly. SENGET. Some more difficult to open
it. Got this fixed by the service Centre.

9. The gear leather/plastic cover pin broken. Have to wait for Naza to
replace it. Under warranty.

10. The engine will make a loud of noise.. really loud when the speed
reach 110 ? 120KM/H Depending on you luck. One of the owner that I meet
at the service centre claim his car make noise when the speed reach
110KM/H. The sound like when in the airport terminal and in front of u
are one aeroplane ready to take off. Lucky for me, the sound only
happened to me when my speed reach 120KM/H. Guys.. trust me, the sound is
very loud and weird. I own kancil & Honda. Even my kancil also not
making that kind of sound even the speed reach 120KM/H.

11. NAZA are making a very stupid and big mistake . Giving a very bad
first impression to it’s customer. Guys, my review alone had cause 4 of
my colleague canceling the booking. One of them already planned to get
the car for his future wife.. Straight away switch to ATOS. Ooh.. Yes,
almost forgot, how I wish I got video cam during the time the mechanic
fixing my car on the second day at the workshop. Because on that
particular day, I had become an unofficial mechanic working for the
service centre. Want to know why? Well.. because there were a lots of
simple2 faulty and big faulty, I had to help the mechanic to fixed all
the small faulty while he doing the big job. Small faulty such as tighten
all the loosing screw driver. Not counted the screw that does not got
into the hole.

Conclusion? If there is an award for the most low quality and ridiculous
car of the year, I guarantee you guys NAZA SUTERA will win the award.
Trust me, I am not someone from perodua or proton. I bought the car for
my wife birthday present. I bought her kancil 4 years ago. Luckily I
still did not sell the kancil yet. After I got this ridiculous Sutera,
now only I learn to appreciate the kancil so much. With less problem and
good quality, I feel really comfortable with it. Guys.. I don’t want to
make u canceling your SUTERA booking. Please, go ahead.. but since here
were a lots of problem with the first batch of Sutera.. maybe u want to
consider or wait for the next batch. The mechanic at the service centre
told me that their SA cant make sales anymore because NAZA had stop
producing the car for temporary to settle all the mess they had made. All
the car that still in the loading bay had been calling back to factory
for second round inspection.

guys.. sorry.. i have some more to added.

1. The big screw that hold the tyre is rusty.
2. the front brake disc also rusty. both left and right.
3. if u turn off the engine, dont forget to turn off your radio first. My
SA told me to do so when i pickup my car. I dont trust him. On the second
day (the day i am driving my car to the workshop to fixed the problem
that cause my car flooded with raining water) i forgot to turn off the
radio, after 2 hours, when i press the blue alarm button to open my car,
it only make sound, but the car is not opening. I tried for about 10
times still the same. I have to open the car manually. Start the engine
and let the battery recharged, then only the alarm is functioning back to
normal. Told the service centre about this problem, they claim WHERE GOT!
When u off the engine everything will turn off. But why my SA and the
service centre have different version of story? Well.. the conclusion is,
there might be bug with the radio or the wiring. Not sure.. will give
more review on this matter next time if problem occur again.


1st of's a china car..hafei lobo...serve's you right for being dumb...remember this is a guy who says proton's are the worst and i'd rather buy naza anyday,
and naza is never a manufacturerer..they sell cars...this is essembling...surely this prooves they can only import and sell cars...and that's also depends on AP.nuff said...


The savvy crash test car at KLIMS...enough said.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Not worth the paper it is written on

Raja Petra Kamarudin

They say in legal circles that a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. Islam says, if a man breaks his word up to three times, then do not take him as a friend or comrade. Islamic scholar or ulamak Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, also currently Prime Minister of Malaysia, gave his word and he broke it more than three times. Abdullah, therefore, cannot be taken as a friend either in the western or Islamic perspective.

And who did Abdullah give his word to? He gave it to previous Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad -- and of course to all Malaysians in his 2004 Election Manifesto, which he has also broken. And what did he promise Dr Mahathir? Many things, amongst which are that the Scenic or ‘Crooked’ Bridge would not be abandoned, the double tracking railway line would be pursued, and the national car, Proton, would be supported -- just to mention but three.

After Dr Mahathir announced his resignation to a shocked Umno General Assembly in mid-2002, Abdullah and Dr Mahathir spent 15 months in countless conferences to discuss what the former should and would do when he finally takes over as Prime Minister in November 2003. Dr Mahathir went into great detail and explained at length why he did what he did in his 22 years as Malaysia’s Prime Minister. Dr Mahathir had a reason for his many perceived lunatic moves. Even Abdullah, who was his deputy soon after Anwar Ibrahim’s exit in September 1998, could not understand everything that Dr Mahathir did. Now he does.

Abdullah sat there taking pages after pages of notes as Dr Mahathir gave him a 15-month crash course in Mahanomics (synonymous with Reaganomics). By the end of the 15-month training and orientation programme, Abdullah understood fully what was in the head of that strange animal called Mahathir. More importantly, Abdullah now saw the logic in Dr Mahathir’s every move and agreed that, though sometimes somewhat devious, many of these moves were actually quite necessary in the pursuit of the bigger objective.

Many of Dr Mahathir’s moves would certainly appear loony to the uninitiated. They would appear even stranger when viewed in the backdrop of what was perceived as a failed plan. Dr Mahathir was a blunderer and the many disasters he left as a legacy to Abdullah in November 2003 laid testimony to this. But Abdullah knew they were no disasters. He did not know earlier of course. But 15 months of sitting in front of Dr Mahathir and taking notes as the Prime Minister imparted his innermost thoughts left Abdullah with no doubts that this old man knew what he was up to and these moves could only be labelled as brilliant.

Take the Scenic or ‘Crooked’ Bridge as one example. No one would disagree if we were to say that this is the most stupid idea yet to come out of Dr Mahathir’s mind. Why build half a bridge? Why build such a silly looking bridge that would wind its way around because it had to join the Causeway halfway across the Straits of Johor or Tebrau Straits?

If they built a full bridge, then the bridge could be built straight, lower and shorter at maybe almost the same cost as half a bridge. But now they are building half a bridge, so it has to be crooked and higher -- and the cost for half a bridge is not half the cost of a full, straight bridge. But they can’t build a straight or full bridge because Singapore will not allow their half of the Causeway to be demolished and they are not interested in building the other half of the bridge on their side or within their territorial waters.

Singapore could of course agree to join Malaysia in this bridge project and agree to the Causeway being demolished and a full, straight bridge be built to replace the Causeway. But Singapore wanted the bridge to be packaged with a lot of other goodies, all in Singapore’s favour. These goodies would be like throwing in the supply of sand, allowing Singapore Air Force planes more flights over Malaysian air space, plus a re-look at the water agreement.

Dr Mahathir did not agree to this. He would not package the bridge with all these other issues and he wanted each issue to be an issue by itself and to be negotiated separately and on its own merits. Dr Mahathir was no fool. He knew if he rejected Singapore’s demand for a packaged deal, then Singapore would not agree to the bridge. Malaysia could go on with the bridge if it wanted, but it can only build a bridge on Malaysia’s side, not on Singapore’s side. Therefore it would have to be a silly-looking half-bridge that would need to be highly elevated and winding.

That was exactly what Dr Mahathir wanted. He wanted Singapore to reject the full, straight bridge idea and stipulate that Malaysia can only build half a bridge if it still insisted on proceeding with the plan. Dr Mahathir did not want a full bridge. He wanted a half-bridge. A full bridge would mean it would have to be straight and therefore low. A half-bridge would force the bridge to curve and therefore it would have to be built highly elevated.

What Dr Mahathir really wanted is the space beneath the bridge which a full bridge would not offer while a half-bridge would. And why did he want this space? He wanted it because he wanted large container ships and oil tankers to be able to sail under the bridge.

The Straits of Melaka is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world. But ships plying the Straits cannot reach Johor Port unless they sail around Singapore. So they would rather stop at the Port of Singapore instead of coming to Johor. Even ships carrying goods bound for Malaysia would rather stop at Singapore for transhipment to Malaysia rather than sail to Malaysia. Once there is a highly elevated bridge, then the ships can bypass Singapore and come straight to Malaysia.

In short, a highly elevated ‘crooked’ bridge would boost the viability of Johor Port and pose a serious threat to the Port of Singapore. To be more dramatic, the bridge could actually kill the Port of Singapore and make Johor Port the new centre for imports to and exports from Malaysia -- plus for those Indonesian importers and exporters as well who currently would rather use Singapore than sail the extra distance around Singapore to come to Johor.

That was what Dr Mahathir really wanted. He was not actually interested in the bridge. He was more interested in Malaysia overtaking Singapore in the port business. And the crooked, high, half-bridge would be able to achieve this. A straight, low, full bridge would not. Dr Mahathir very cleverly manoeuvred so that Singapore would disagree with the full bridge and would instead ask Malaysia to proceed with half a bridge. Once they said that, Dr Mahathir got them exactly where he wanted them. The half-bridge is Singapore’s idea, not Dr Mahathir’s, so Singapore cannot now turn around and say that they had been tricked and the bridge was merely a Red Herring and that the real motive was to outdo the Port of Singapore.

Somehow, along the way, Malaysia’s Foreign Minister packaged the supply of sand and more SAF flights over Malaysian air space in the bridge deal. Dr Mahathir never agreed to this. But Abdullah did for reasons known only to himself and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin. The sand would of course come from Johor and those individuals who will be awarded the contract to supply sand to Singapore are family members of those involved in the decision-making process at the very top echelons of power -- those walking in the corridors of power. The supply of sand is not a government effort but a private arrangement. What is even more perturbing to Dr Mahathir is that Singapore did not demand that the supply of sand be included in the deal. This idea came from Malaysia. It was Malaysia that proposed it, not Singapore that demanded it.

When the Johor Menteri Besar found out about the supply of sand arrangement he was outraged. Dr Mahathir had banned the export of sand back in 1997 and Johor was quite happy with this as the sand was coming from Johor and it is the politicians and their cronies who are making hundreds of millions out of it. For the first time in his life this very polished man who always has a sweet smile for anyone he encounters lost his cool. He never raises his voice, especially to the Prime Minister. But that day he did and he told the Prime Minister that Umno Johor will strongly oppose any Johor sand being sold to Singapore. Even the palace got into the act and there was a danger of another Constitutional Crisis erupting.

In short, there was a mutiny and Johor was in revolt. A crisis never before seen in Malaysian history was about to explode. This was a state-federal conflict in the making. Abdullah had blundered big time. He had agreed that the bridge would include the supply of sand to Singapore. Now Johor, the source of the sand, put its foot down and threatened to resist at whatever cost, and Johor can be as independent as Kelantan if it so wishes. They would also reveal the names of all those who stand to benefit from this supply of sand; family members of those at the very top of the Abdullah administration. If you think the Mahathir-Anwar crisis was exciting, the supply of sand to Singapore would dwarf this by far.

Two days later, Abdullah announced that the bridge project would be aborted, after starting work on it (and incurring a liability of RM100 million). Three weeks before that, Parliament had reiterated the bridge project would go on and the Minister of Works himself assured Parliament that this would be so. But now it was off. They would not be proceeding with the bridge. They could not proceed with it. To proceed with it would mean they have to supply sand to Singapore. And this would create a massive crisis between the federal government and the Johor state government. The only way out of the supply of sand commitment would be to abort the bridge project. No bridge, no sand, and no federal government-Johor state government crisis, plain and simple.

But it is out of the frying pan, into the fire. Without the bridge, there would be no way ships could sail to Johor Port through the Straits and the Port of Singapore would continue to dominate this region. Dr Mahathir’s plan to build up Johor Port and challenge Singapore’s dominance was thwarted. And it was thwarted by no other than his successor who had promised him that the bridge would go on. And it was thwarted because some greedy people in the decision-making team had tried to get rich quick through selling sand to Singapore by packaging the sand supply deal in the bridge proposal.

Dr Mahathir was hopping mad. Abdullah had made a big booboo, and to get out of this booboo he cancelled the bridge project. Abdullah was trying to save his arse. But in doing so he sacrificed Malaysia. Johor Port would now have to remain as pathetic as it has always been. And the Port of Singapore would remain the big wheel of this region. Flushed down the toilet is Dr Mahathir’s plan for overtaking Singapore. And, to make it worse, Abdullah had promised Dr Mahathir the bridge would go on. And he understood fully well why it must. And he realised that the bridge was for the good of Malaysia’s commerce. But saving his arse was his first priority. Saving Johor Port has to come second.

That is the story of the ‘Crooked’ Bridge. There are many other stories such as about the double tracking railway line, the national car, and more. Suffice to say, the double tracking railway line had the same objective as the ‘Crooked’ Bridge; in that Malaysia’s commerce would improve and Singapore’s dominance in the region would be given a serious challenge. But Abdullah aborted this as well.

The double tracking railway line was actually the first move. Once the double tracking was done, then the high speed train was supposed to follow. Imagine the day when one could live in a cheaper town like Ipoh where property prices are half those in the big city, yet work in Kuala Lumpur -- and the time it takes to get to work from Ipoh would be faster than driving from Subang Jaya to Kuala Lumpur today. The small towns would boom and development would be spread out throughout the country instead of concentrated in a few key areas like it is today. But that too now remains just a dream.

The MV Agusta matter is another issue. Dr Mahathir was going to use MV Agusta to develop a peoples’ car (volks wagen) that could be marketed for as low as RM10,000, or less. MV Agusta had the technology to do this and the cost to buy MV Agusta, in spite of it debts, was still lower than embarking on this project doing your own R&D from scratch. R&D costs billions of Ringgit and to develop a car from scratch would not only cost more but would be time consuming as well. Even if you are prepared to pay the higher cost, the time would take too long. MV Agusta was a short cut and at a cheaper price on top of that.

But MV Agusta was sold off for RM4 and Dr Mahathir’s RM10,000 peoples’ car went down the toilet, just like all the others. In fact, the sale of MV Agusta itself raises other questions. How did they decide who to sell it to and do those in the decision-making process have an interest in the company that bought MV Agusta? (Which raises the issue of conflict of interest.) Dr Mahathir knows the real story, as he does about who those sand suppliers are, but he is not revealing all, at least not just yet.

It is not that Abdullah is ignorant about all this. He knows the agenda behind the ‘Crooked’ Bridge, double tracking railway line, MV Agusta, and much more. He knows that all these are mere catalysts for bigger things. And he agreed that these are necessary for the future of the country. Yet he dismantled them one by one just to make it appear like Dr Mahathir is stupid and that all his ideas are stupid. It is all about politics and of trying to undermine Dr Mahathir. And what better way to do this than to dismantle what Dr Mahathir started and give the impression that the previous Prime Minister was a nut case. So the country suffers. So what? That is the small picture. The big picture is: Dr Mahathir is embarrassed.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is another thing that Dr Mahathir was and still is against. All those years he was prime minister he resisted the FTA. Then, late last year, Abdullah secretly signed the FTA with Japan whereby Japanese automobiles would have free access to the Malaysian market while Malaysian vegetables would have free access to the Japanese market. Malaysian vegetables? What vegetables do we have that we can export to Japan? We do not even grow enough for our own consumption and almost everything we eat needs to be supplemented with imports. Anyway, do the Japanese eat our vegetables? Abdullah might as well have signed an FTA with Canada whereby we export ice cubes to the Eskimos.

The FTA Abdullah signed with Japan was so confidential that even the Cabinet did not know about it until Abdullah informed its members later, after it had been signed. The Cabinet members were shocked, but by then it was too late to do anything about it. And how is Proton going to survive once Japanese cars get free access to the Malaysian market when even Europe and the United States can’t compete with them?

Proton is a dead man walking. Its days are numbered and it will be just a matter of time when the national car folds. As the Malays would say: siap kain kapan (prepare the funeral shroud).

Now the United States also wants the FTA with Malaysia signed and the US-Malaysia FTA would open all government contracts and procurement to US companies. That is the end of the New Economic Policy. The days of the Bumiputera businessmen are numbered. Malays will have to revert to becoming clerks and drivers again.

Dr Mahathir is beginning to doubt whether Abdullah knows what he is doing. As far as Dr Mahathir is concerned, whatever he did, he did with the interest of the nation at heart. But Abdullah’s moves, the way Dr Mahathir sees it, are moves of a traitor who does not care about the country’s interest. Dr Mahathir is quite prepared to allow Abdullah to run this country the way he, as Prime Minister, sees fit. But Dr Mahathir will not remain silent and allow this state of affairs to continue if, as he put it, Malaysia’s sovereignty is jeopardised. Dr Mahathir would rather take on Abdullah than allow the man to destroy this country. Not just Dr Mahathir, but many Umno veterans as well believe that power in the hands of Abdullah is like giving a flower to a monkey. Monkeys do not appreciate the beauty of flowers.

Taken from malaysia today.

what are we gonna do about it...????????
oh and here are some comments...take note what malays and chinese say..

Charming Jerk said...
i think i was right all along in saying that the cancellation of the crooked bridge was a disaster. huge investments will reap bigger rewards. same goes to the double railway link, putrajaya (tourists come by the thousands everyday) etc.

Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:17:50 AM
Seedney said...
Quote: That is the end of the New Economic Policy.

That sounds just fine.
Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:31:07 AM
drmuzi said...
RPK if what you say is the truth .

I have this for AAB, he is a real bastard, and hope GOD will punish him severely for saving his own arse than upheld Malaysia.

TUN made a very big mistake to trust a presume pious Abdullah.

Say no to "Singapore Worshippers"

By the way, in JOHORE it seems that we have two Prime Minister this days,

and people are more inclined to Mahathir Mohammad than AAB.
Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:32:12 AM
Seedney said...
Quote: Proton is a dead man walking. Its days are numbered and it will be just a matter of time when the national car folds.

That sounds fine too.

Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:32:25 AM


SELAMAT MENYAMBUT KADAR TARIFF ELEKTRIK BARU!courtesy of TNB(and a lot more hidden hands)...well it's certainly not good news,so im going for a few humour...look like our new goverment should be in a circus..let see some of them bumbling comment...

1-60% of the rakyat wont be effected.
2-under RM43 bill wont be effected-(hahahah...what about the inflation rise?surely wont effect the rakyat ka?)

in the NST that is umno owned paper that is now run by khairi cronies(kalimullah a.k.a kalimuthu and brendan pareira a.k.a brenden pariah)suggest malaysian to buy a plasma tv,they say it will reduce electricity cunsumption..

heheheheheheheheheh.....even chris rock cant top that joke...let see,let malaysian fork out RM15-22k to save rm10 a month...WOW...maybe in 10 to 20 years or more time that investment will bear the return..hahahaha...and that if the plasma tv never fails...hahahah..thats our kalimuthu and pariah for you

and the best one is...the winner of all comment goes to our leader,prime minister,the chief,the guard of malaysia,anything in malaysia must be approve by when ask about this hike...he answered........


now that top george w bush anyday...even bush wont give comments like that.


MyTeam pamer prestasi baik: Pak Lah
Oleh Azman Zakaria

DATUK Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mahu pasukan bola sepak negara berusaha lebih gigih bagi meningkatkan keupayaan.

Perdana Menteri yang menyaksikan perlawanan bola sepak di antara pasukan Malaysia dan MyTeam di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Ahad lalu berkata, pasukan negara bermain bersungguh-sungguh pada malam itu.

“Walaupun bermain bersungguh-sungguh, mereka tak dapat capai kemenangan besar untuk mengesahkan kehandalan mereka,” katanya pada sidang media selepas majlis Perhimpunan Hari Pekerja 2006 Sektor Awam di sini, semalam.

Katanya, pasukan MyTeam yang dibentuk hanya beberapa bulan sebelum perlawanan itu menunjukkan kesungguhan.

“Apa yang saya lihat secara objektif adalah satu pasukan yang dibentuk dan mendapat latihan kira-kira dua bulan sudah dapat menunjukkan prestasi baik.

“Di kalangan mereka, memang ada pemain yang tunjukkan prestasi itu... saya percaya mereka diminati oleh pasukan bola sepak lain.

“Kedua-dua pasukan Malaysia dan MyTeam kena usaha tambah keupayaan masing-masing,” katanya.

Pada perlawanan itu, Malaysia yang dibarisi pemain bawah 20 tahun dengan diperkuatkan tiga pemain kebangsaan iaitu Indra Putra Mahayuddin, Khaironnissam Shahabudin dan K.Nanthakumar, menang 2-1 selepas ketinggalan 1-0 pada separuh masa.


satu lagi projeck KJ and pak kadok untuk memusnahkan negara sendiri..apa tidaknye.rakyat dah hilang sokongan kpd pasukan kebangsaan sebabkan media2 khairi memburukkan skuad negara..walhal main ngan budak2 U20 pun tak lepas..

ingat KJ,mana ada pasukan segera2...mee segera adalah!

Monday, May 29, 2006


the pics on the demo cos of the fuel/electricity hike and other short it's a demo of dissatisfaction to the PM'S policy..what surprise me is that all races of malaysian join it's not just pas/adil who is joining this's malaysians againts the premier/govt..
but maybe that's what i see here..what do you think..comments please.


tm's speech last year on the 20th anniversary of proton...i thought we should ponder back at what is proton and what is it to us malaysians..this is his speech that never got into umno controlled media under kalimullah and brendan pareira of nst.
here you go
by:tengku tan sri mahaleel

I think what is important is not my achievement. I am not that important, we should remember that nothing is permanent. We are all just passing through. What is important is that I am a part of a wheel only serving Malaysia and its wishes. It just happens that I headed the company.

But as in any organisation, it’s not one individual but a sum total and aggregate of all staff, vendors and dealers ... the little people and the bigger ones ... they all contribute in big and little ways ... all are important.

I am indeed very, very proud to see Malaysians grow not only in their belief of the national agenda, but in the stature of their skills and knowledge building of their own competencies and capacity.

Many of us do not know it but in Proton today are some of the best and most brilliant Malaysians you can find. They come from all background, race and religion. They range from engineers, marketers, experts in finance, strategists, production people, tool makers, machinists and more ... but most important of all, most of them are Malaysians.

We should remember this.

The time you know you have done well in all aspects is not when someone pays you a compliment but when customers are happy and the best compliment must surely come from your competitor who is prepared to put money to buy a stake in Proton.

Proton a national asset

Over nine years, I have witnessed all sorts of proposals from Malaysian entrepreneurs and the world’s largest companies, including Temasek Singapore and Volkswagen, to buy Proton.

Surely, these companies are not foolish with their money to buy into Proton. So, there must be something very good in this Malaysian jewel.

There is a secret, of course.

I am proud that everyone worked so hard, burning candles sometimes at both ends, to make Proton a global Malaysian company and the only Muslim country to be able to design and produce a car.

But even more compelling is that we have made Proton a national asset from every perspective.

From the Industrial Master Plan (IMP) that the government had laid out, we have delivered every aspect and more of this Malaysian wish.

Are you aware that the IMP2 will only end in December 2005, yet we beat the plan five years ahead? We should have gotten a medal instead of criticisms, some coming even from the ministers and the deputy ministers.

Developing core competencies

Certainly, from the New Economic Policy (NEP) point of view, the Malays can look up to Proton as the only establishment that has developed core competencies by itself that are comparable to the world’s best.

No other company can claim to be able to design by itself on such a scale and product complexity that we are involved in.

We must remember that Proton has been compared to other car companies and automotive nations...I believe unfairly, most of the time, as the real picture is not told or understood even by the policy makers.

Proton is not about making a car but about Malaysians building its competencies and capabilities and bringing up Malaysia’s capacity building to world-class standards.

It’s about the end game for Malaysia to compete on the new globalised and liberalised world.

Name me 10 Malaysian companies that have their own products today, world markets, a global brand and reach? Hard, isn’t it?

Let’s do some comparison.

Proton is only 20 years old and we started designing by ourselves, together with Malaysian vendors, only in 1997. That’s about eight years ago, it is barely a child when we compare it with the leading companies and nations.

The Europeans and Americans have been in this business for almost 100 years. The Japanese took 60 years. If you remember in the 1960s, a Japanese car was compared to a Milo tin can! Today? It’s the reference point for a good car. The Koreans took 40 years and they are only beginning to be accepted now. By the way, in South Korea, I was told that if you drive a foreign car, even the petrol pump attendant wouldn’t serve you. This is how fierce Korean nationalism is and they wish to see their companies succeed.

So, how do you reconcile this criticism of Proton and the country’s journey? When building capacity and engineering design, you cannot cut short time, unfortunately, if you do, you might end up making a cart instead of a car.

Proton deserves more respect

Many Malaysians call us the “pampered son” despite being so young in the industry.

I believe we have done so much for the country and for Malaysians, we deserved to be shown a little more respect as a son of Malaysia that we can all be proud of.

Over the last seven years, we have designed our own engine – the Campro. We have designed platforms where the following products are a living proof – the Waja, Gen2 and Savvy.

We own Lotus cars and engineering; the top motorcycle brands – MV Agusta, Cagiva and Husqvarna. We doubled our exports last year and into developed markets such as the Middle East, Britain and Australia. We have brought back almost half a billion ringgit in earnings. We bought a plant in Indonesia. There are many more. What I want to demonstrate to you is that, it is Malaysians who have delivered all these ... our own people. Is this still not right? It baffles me sometimes and demotivates the 11,000 of us who want to make the Malaysian dream a reality.

A competitive envelope

Another point we are missing is the competitive envelope that Proton has been put into. You know the national car programme under the IMP2 only finishes in December this year. Yet policies have been constructed that jeopardise the whole plan. For example, why accelerate market access when the World Trade Organisation allows up to 2020 before opening up?

Why the Asean Free Trade Agreement (Afta) in 2000/2003 when we know that the IMP2 is up to 2005?

I certainly remember that Malaysia’s position on market access (openings) was based on a win-win basis not win-lose.

In other words, we open up when both gain and not the other way.

The auto policies crafted that deviated significantly from the IMP2 road map, especially the with opening of the market under the Approved Permit (AP) system over the last two years and the entry of South Korean cars as well as Afta, caught us without any warning.

Then, there is the introduction of three national cars; special consideration for Hyundai in a small market like Malaysia; and the newcomers not having to burden the NEP, the vendors’ support programme and buy Malaysian parts - all added up to a contrarian position between what we understood the government wanted and what the policy-making ministry wanted ... tell me how do you manage?

The competitive ground that Proton was asked to compete, therefore in my mind, was for sure, designed to make it difficult for us.

A look at other government firms

Let’s look at other government companies and their competitors: ·Energy: We have one company Tenaga Nasional Bhd. It competes with itself. ·Telecommunications: We have one company on fixed line, which is Telekom Malaysia. In mobile phones, we have Digi and Maxis. We all know there are many other telecommunication companies that want to enter the market and that will drastically lower prices.

·Banking: How many foreign banks are there? Citibank; HSBC; Standard Chartered; Macquarie; Bank of China ... etc? Not many when you consider the large ones available.

·Aviation: Apart from Air Asia, we have Malaysia Airlines. That’s all the competition.

Now, let’s look at automotive: ·four national cars and national treatment companies.

·67,000 APs into the market for all brands. ·17 car assemblers, short of the Russian and Iranian cars, all the others are here. I believe that unless you appreciate this landscape, you just cannot imagine the challenge thrown to Proton. So what protection are we talking about? We do get some tax incentives but so do the other three. So why pick on us? Even more important, we do not under-declare.

Not that we cannot but we don’t, as we would be cheating our own people. Proton is not where it is today because of underhand tactics.

Financially sound

Financially, Proton is a company that had never lost money during my tenure. Even in the Asian financial crisis, we made a profit and had cash of RM2bil. Certainly, we have not gone to the government to bail us out. On the contrary, we accelerated payment to the government of a long-term debt taken when the company started and by next year, we would have paid off every sen we owe to the government.

Also, we only spend when we can afford to ... so many projects were funded from our earnings including Tanjung Malim, which cost the company RM1.8bil, and almost RM4bil in products and engineering.

So you see, Proton is very rich in assets and all have been paid for. Even more, its properties have not been revalued.

So, apart from the skills and know-how, any investor buying into Proton acquires undervalued assets that have been paid for and solid cash of more than RM2bil ... a very tempting target. But decision makers have to separate a point: is it shareholder value or is it national value? This can be diagonally opposed ... tricky .... but I know which I will choose!

To be globally competitive

The key to our future success lies in capability and competencies. It’s like a tree.

If the tree has very strong roots, then the foundation is strong. A good trunk will carry many branches and thus, fruits. So in a storm, a strong tree will not be uprooted easily. So Proton must be a strong tree.

Thus, Proton has been building its competencies through projects, programmes and key acquisitions in the key value chain of the industry.

For example, engineering design of structures is one of the skills but structures can take many forms, from aluminium tubs to frames and steel forms. These are very complex. So having Lotus, MV Agusta and Proton (with Mitsubishi background) is the core foundation. This is the root. It must be further strengthened and very quickly. I don’t know how far it is true but there are motivation problems creeping in and some resignations already. Then, it must continue building its vendor and manufacturing base. It must seek a global positioning into core strategic areas. This is to access markets quickly. Of course, it must expand its network of distribution into 200 countries quickly, but at the same time, defend its domestic markets. These are its branches.

Lastly, the fruits are the products that must be spawned from the five platforms it possesses.

These are in place or being rolled out. It’s a matter of execution.

Leadership critical

What will be critical, at this point, will be leadership. Running a group like Proton by committees is a recipe for losing out in a fast changing competitive landscape. Secondly, it needs people from industry background (internally) to steer it. Have you seen Honda or Toyota being run by accountants, auditors or non-executives? We have seen the result of this recipe - General Motors.

The unique advantage Proton and Malaysia have is their cost competitiveness in human resources, cost of utilities and infrastructure and being the provider of Malaysian education .... don’t give this away ...


so what say you?


Khairy mahu kaji kedudukan dalam FAM

KUALA LUMPUR 29 Mei - Penerbit Eksekutif Skuad realiti bola sepak TV MyTeam, Khairy Jamaluddin (gambar) berhasrat mengkaji semula kedudukannya Ahli Majlis Bebas Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (FAM) jika sumbangannya melalui MyTeam dianggap tidak membina arena bola sepak negara.

Khairy yang kecewa dengan keengganan FAM menurunkan skuad senior kebangsaan dalam perlawanan menentang MyTeam malam tadi berkata, beliau akan berbincang dengan Timbalan Presiden FAM, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah berhubung perkara tersebut.

``Jika sumbangan itu disambut dingin dan tidak dihargai serta tidak dianggap membina bola sepak negara, saya akan bincangkan semula kedudukan saya dalam FAM,'' katanya pada sidang akhbar di Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Bukit Jalil, di sini hari ini.

Dalam perlawanan tersebut, Malaysia yang diwakili oleh pasukan bawah 20 tahun menewaskan MyTeam 2-1.

Khairy menegaskan, berdasarkan prestasi yang ditunjukkan oleh MyTeam, pasukan itu berhak diberikan tempat untuk beraksi sekurang-kurangnya dalam Liga Perdana kelolaan FAM.

``Kami sudah menyarankan supaya MyTeam menyertai Liga Perdana tetapi dikenakan pelbagai syarat oleh FAM seperti diarahkan supaya bermain dalam mana-mana liga peringkat negeri terlebih dulu.

``Namun saya berasa MyTeam berhak lebih daripada itu terutama berdasarkan malam tadi. Hampir 70,000 orang membanjiri stadium dengan 90 peratus menyokong kami, bukannya pasukan kebangsaan.


``Kami cuma kalah 1-2 malah mungkin mampu seri jika percubaan terakhir tidak melepasi palang. Lawan hanya menang dengan dua sepakan percuma tetapi tidak dapat menembusi benteng kami,'' katanya.

Beliau menjelaskan, aksi skuad amatur itu ternyata memikat majoriti penonton di Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil selain berjaya mencipta keghairahan umum terhadap bola sepak tempatan yang sebelum ini kerap terarah ke liga luar negara.

Katanya, MyTeam membuktikan mereka mampu keluar dan mencabar sistem pemilihan pemain yang sedia ada selain nyaris mengikat Malaysia dengan keputusan seri serta menafikan andaian ramai pemerhati bola sepak bahawa mereka akan kalah teruk.

Menurut beliau, prestasi MyTeam yang membuat persediaan hanya enam minggu tidak menunjukkan perbezaan ketara dengan pasukan profesional malah dari segi bakat sebenar, pemainnya setanding dan lebih baik daripada purata pemain negara.

``Ada juga beberapa pihak yang mulai mendekati saya, Serbegeth Singh, Bojan Hodak (jurulatih) untuk mendapatkan khidmat pemain MyTeam menyertai pasukan mereka,'' katanya.

Beliau berkata, pihak pengurusan MyTeam tetap melihat siri realiti sukan pertama itu mampu dieksport ke luar negara jika cadangan meneruskan musim keduanya gagal mendapat kerjasama FAM.

``Kami masih boleh memikirkan alternatif dan tidak akan hanya bergantung kepada satu pihak dengan mengadakan MyTeam di negara jiran,'' katanya sambil menjelaskan, video siri MyTeam turut dihantar kepada Persekutuan Bola Sepak Antarabangsa (FIFA).


enough said..he's STIM i think!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sunday, May 28, 2006
Malaysian police beat, arrest anti-government protestors

(AFP) - Malaysian police used batons and water cannons to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in the capital, arresting around a dozen activists and beating several.

Some 200 people, including opposition parties, non-government organisations and student groups gathered in front of Kuala Lumpur's iconic Petronas Twin Towers in the latest of a series of rallies against steep fuel price rises.

Chanting "Protest!" and carrying banners saying "Cronies get rich while workers are oppressed", they also slammed a decision last week to raise electricity tariffs, the first hike in nearly a decade.

Some 100 riot police wielding batons and rifles stood guard in front of the towers, alongside several water cannon trucks, as helicopters flew overhead.

"Everybody is suffering from the fuel hike. Now electricity prices are also up. These two hikes will hit us hard, whether our pay is large or small," Hatta Ramli from the opposition Pan-Malaysia Islamic (PAS) party told the crowd.

"This price increase must be dropped, otherwise we will suffer even more," said Democratic Action Party (DAP) leader Ronnie Liu.

Police warned the crowds to disperse but ugly scenes erupted when the demonstrators were slow to act.

They used a water cannon on the demonstrators, and proceeded to push and beat up stragglers as shocked shoppers and tourists looked on. Several protestors were seen being kicked by police before being arrested.

Liu, PAS youth chief Salahuddin Ayub, and 16 other activists were arrested, said the opposition newspaper Harakah. Police were not immediately available to confirm the figures.

The government has said that fuel subsidies will eventually be scrapped to channel funds towards building schools and rural infrastructure.

Fuel prices in Malaysia are cheap compared to neighbouring nations, but due to the lack of public transportation, people remain dependent on their vehicles.

and what does PAK PANDIR do after that? my team without any guilt at all...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Electricity rate increse by 12%(courtesy of pak lah)

is it ironic?before the sarawak election,he said no no for tariff dapat ilham,courtesy your freindly neighbourhood robber..

Quoted from TheStar:

Power rates up 12 %

PUTRAJAYA: Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim
Keng Yaik has announced a 12% average rise in power rates from June 1.

The first increase in electricity tariff since 1997 is to offset
escalating fuel costs.

Dr Lim said low-income household would not be badly affected, as the
rates would be based on the amount of power consumed.

The majority of domestic users -- 59% of about 3 million households --
use less than 200 kilowatts (equivalent to a bill of RM43.60).


who the hell is spending RM43.60 for electricity nowdays?let me explain...

200 kwh per month is ridiculous. Maybe if you rent a room and stinge on
electricity you may use that much per month.

To put this into perpective your fridge (150W) running 24 hours uses 108
kwh per month. This leaves you 92 kwh.

A ceiling fan (100W) used for 12 hrs a day uses 36 kwh a month. That`s just
ONE blardy ceiling fan. Think you can make do with 200 kwh? We`re not even
talking about the lights yet. An average house`s lights (500W) used for 5
hours day will come to 75 kwh a month.

Even if you keep your hand off the TV, computer, washing machine, water
heater, electric iron and (horror of horrors) air-con, you`re not going to
make it.

Note: Electricity is charged in kwh units.
kwh = kw x hours. (the power of the appliance x no. of hours used)

now let's take a look at the bigger picture.

The direct impact to house user is not much(if you can say that). The indirect impact from the
inflation after the electic hide is the big problem.

Average if you spend about RM 150 per month for electri bill, you pay less
than RM 25.00 per month.

However, for those big idustries, they are pay millions a month. This hide
will cost their product cost increase, then the distributor, dealer also
take chance to increase.

I think will be suffer from the chain effect very soon.

End up, it might cause average of 10% increase in living cost.

If average family is spending about RM 3000 a month, it will then impact
them RM 300.00

Look at the barang harga after the petrol increase....

iflation is already the worst in 7 there want to make it into the malaysian book of worrld record...pak lah finally succeed to bangkrupt malaysia in only one term in office...bravo!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cinapura own malaysia?

ok...let face it...malaysian history is full of malays who are traitors..traitors to the country starting from the earliest of time when portugist invade and when the british and japan can we be invaded by these thousands of men?surely if we stand together,we can defeat them..but becouse of these traitors...well you the rest they say,is history...

nowdays..we have a new traitor...we are being sold piece by piece to our foe cinapura...on top of my head i have alist that parts of our land/heritage/gls etc2 that have been sold..

1-telekom...sure nobody know,thank to our premier and his hindu god in nst,telekom changed to TM with stakes sold to Cinapura
2-proton -temasek have it seems the govt wants it to fail to be able to sell it piece by is said to sold stake in mahindra..the indian company that has no tech to transfer.why?cos temasek owns stakes in mahindra..systematically done i'd say to sell to cinapura..
3-avenue capital,their merger with ecm libra...too long to explaine...but it own our pos malaysia my such good move by our govt..oh in case you didnt know,ecm is own by kali the hindu god of nst and the son in law of our takda ilham PM.
4-city square in jb...bought by temasek

sand.water land...who knows what else..if not for mahathir and umno johor protest we might have given them our airspace and all...
if you got anymore feel feel in add in the comments section..i'll edit this post as we go along..

oh and here a new one.....let us ponder what is going on with our keeper of malaysia..are they really keepers/leaders or traitors..someone told me..something in malaysia cannot be done/sold/bought without the premier's consent..go figure

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Dakwaan Muhyiddin serah tanah pada Singapura, Pemuda buat laporan polis

Oleh Salman Hussin

Dewan Pemuda PAS Negeri Johor (DPPNJ) telah membuat laporan polis berhubung pendedahan seorang ahli Umno yang mendakwa bekas Menteri Besar Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 5,177 hektar kepada Singapura.

Pendedahan berani ini dibuat bekas Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor, Hamzah Othman, pada Majlis Dialog Kongres Kepentingan Bangsa (KKB), yang telah diadakan di Dewan Besar Kompleks Islam Johor Bahru, 7 Mei lalu.

Demikian dinyatakan Ketua Pemuda PAS Johor, Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil, semasa ditemui selepas membuat laporan di Balai Polis Central, dekat sini, Isnin kelmarin, beliau turut ditemani Ketua Penerangan PAS Johor, Mazlan Aliman, serta beberapa Exco DPPNJ.

Menurut Faizi, laporan polis ini dibuat susulan dari pendedahan oleh Hamzah yang disiarkan akhbar Siasah baru-baru ini yang menyebut, “5,177 hektar tanah telah diserah kepada Singapura”.

"Selaku bekas Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor, sudah tentu maklumat yang diperolehi Hamzah ini adalah maklumat yang sangat sulit dan maklumat seperti ini biasanya hanya diketahui oleh pemimpin tertentu sahaja.

"Oleh kerana itu kita merasakan pendedahan beliau ini merupakan satu perkara besar yang perlu diberi perhatian khusus, apatah lagi apabila ianya membabitkan soal maruah dan juga kepentingan seluruh rakyat,"katanya.

Justeru kerana itu, beliau meminta polis menyiasat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang didakwa terbabit dengan penjualan tanah milik Kerajaan Johor kepada Singapura dengan harga RM370 juta semasa beliau menjadi Menteri Besar Johor.

"Selain itu kita juga meminta polis menyiasat kenapa tanah yang begitu luas diberikan kepada Singapura tidak diwartakan sehingga menimbulkan keraguan kepada rakyat lebih-lebih lagi kedudukan tanah ini begitu strategik dalam konteks peperangan kerana tanah ini berada pada ‘koordinat ‘0’ bagi Negeri Johor," jelasnya.

Menurut Faizi lagi, kawasan tanah terbabit yang terletak di Bandar Tenggara ini juga turut dikenali sebagai ‘ Hamparan Air Jernih’ telah diserahkan kepada Singapura untuk dijadikan empangan memproses air bersih yang kemudiannya disalurkan ke negara berkenaan.

Hamzah yang juga Pengerusi Guru-Guru Agama Islam Bersara Daerah Johor Bahru juga mendedahkan wang RM 370 juta ini telah diserahkan kepada Tabung Warisan Johor, bagaimana pun jumlah wang sebanyak itu dikatakan tidak memadai jika dibandingkan dengan nilai sebenar tanah ini sama ada untuk tujuan pembangunan atau pun pertahanan negeri ini.

Difahamkan terdapat tujuh gunung dan 66 bukit berada dalam kawasan tanah yang tergadai ini.


sad sad time for bumiputera's....



Terjemahan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menyuarakan perbezaan pendapatnya dengan kepimpinan sekarang mengenai syarikat kereta nasional, Proton, dan isu jambatan separuh, dalam wawancaranya – yang akan disiarkan dalam tiga bahagian – dengan malaysiakini.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad:

Ada beberapa soalan yang saya tidak akan jawab...saya tidak pernah menyukai Ia sangat kritikal terhadap sebelum ini.

Malaysiakini: Kami hanya menjalankan tugas kami. Kami juga sangat kritikal terhadap kerajaan sekarang...

Ya. Anda memang kritikal terhadap semua orang. Tunggulah hingga anda menubuhkan kerajaan. Nanti orang lain akan berpeluang untuk menghentam anda. Mari kita teruskan (wawancara).

Kita mula dengan soalan yang sentiasa bermain di bibir setiap orang, mengenai Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Tun yang memilihnya sebagai pengganti Tun. Memandangkan Tun dianggap sebagai ‘master’ dan beliau pula sebagai seorang perantis, bagaimanakah penilaian Tun terhadap prestasi beliau selama tiga tahun menjadi Perdana Menteri?

Saya tidak gemar memberi pendapat mengenai prestasi kerajaan kerana ia mungkin menimbulkan kesan negatif, jadi saya tidak akan menjawabnya. Itulah jawapan saya.

Bagaimana dengan beberapa perubahan yang beliau (Abdullah) lakukan terhadap dasar-dasar (semasa pentadbiran) Tun. Adakah ianya memeranjatkan Tun atau memang Tun sudah jangka?

Saya memang menjangka berlaku perubahan dari segi stail (pentadbiran), tetapi dasar-dasar asas patut dikekalkan kerana – selepas mengimbau kembali rekod pentadbiran saya dulu, sudah tentunya, saya juga cuba melakukan sesuatu – (tapi) saya dapati – apabila saya menjadi Perdana Menteri – saya telah memberi jaminan akan meneruskan dasar-dasar asas yang dilaksanakan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman dan Tun Razak (Hussein) serta Tun Hussein (Onn), kerana ini adalah kesinambungan (pentadbiran) kerajaan yang sama. Memanglah personaliti berbeza, Perdana Menteri berbeza, tetapi kerajaannya sama. Parti pemerintah juga sama. Anda boleh menyuntik stail dan personaliti anda dalam kerajaan pimpinan anda, (tetapi) kerana ianya adalah kerajaan daripada parti (pemerintah) yang sama,, maka ia sepatutnya konsisten. Jadi, saya percaya yang (pentadbiran) saya adalah konsisten.

Apa yang saya lakukan ialah untuk meningkatkan lagi, contohnya, pertumbuhan (pembangunan) negara. Bagaimana anda mencapai (matlamat) pembangunan tersebut? Sesetengah orang berkata, “kita rangsang pertumbuhan’. Tetapi cakap sahaja memang mudah. Jika kerajaan tidak dapat melaksanakannya, maka anda perlu mencari orang lain melaksanakannya. Sebab itulah kita memutuskan, sebagai contohnya, untuk melaksanakan (dasar) pengswastaan, kerana kerajaan tidak mempunyai wang untuk melaksanakan semuanya sekali yang rakyat mahu kita laksanakan. Jadi, jawapannya adalah pengswastaan. Pengswastaan juga membuka peluang kepada kita untuk meningkatkan pencapaian orang Melayu, Bumiputera, dalam bidang perniagaan. Jadi ianya tidak lari daripada dasar asalnya. Kembangkan pertumbuhan ekonomi, agihkan kekayaan dan majukan negara dan berlaku adil kepada semua golongan masyarakat...(dan) perkara-perkara seumpamanya. Jadi, dasar asasnya masih kekal. Mengenai pelaksanannya, sudah tentulah, jika anda mempunyai idea baru untuk memperbaiki lagi pelaksanaannya, maka anda lakukanlah....

Tetapi, tentang Proton dan jambatan separuh.... tidakkah Tun mereka kecewa kerana perubahan besar telah dilakukan terhadap dasar-dasar yang Tun mulakan itu?

Ya, saya rasa (tindakan) mengurangkan kepentingan Proton...adalah sesuatu yang saya tidak jangkakan. Proton adala sebuah syarikat yang menguntungkan sehinggalah selepas CEOnya (Ketua Pegawai Operasi) diganti. Hari ini, anda membaca laporan bahawa mereka tidak untung, tetapi pada keseluruhanya, kemudahan-kemudahannya adalah sama (seperti sebelumnya). Orang-orangnya yang berlainan dan saya tidak faham (apa yang terjadi) kepada sebuah syarikat yang mampu membina kilang baru berharga RM1.8 bilion tanpa meminjam daripada bank, tanpa meminta bantuan kerajaan...itu satu yang pencapaian luarbiasa bagi sebuah syarikat milik kerajaan. Pada kebiasaannya anda perlukan bantuan (kewangan) daripada kerajaan.

Ketika CEOnya berhenti, ia masih mempunyai RM2.4 bilion tunai. Sekarang, ia kelihatan seperti dalam kerugian, dan kita tidak mendengar (sebarang) laporan mengenai prestasinya. Berapa banyak kereta yang dijual? Adalah ia mencatat keuntungan daripada jualan keretanya? Mengapa ia tidak mampu bersaing, sedangkan sebelumnya ia mampu untuk bersaing? Kita perlu ingat, malah ketika kerajaan membenarkan kemasukan kereta murah ke negara ini, Proton masih dapat menjual (keretanya) dan masih mencatat keuntungan. Tetapisekarang, ia tidak mencatat keuntungan. Dan sudah pastinya, apabila Agusta dijual, maka anda kehilangan kedua-duanya sekali. Sesuatu yang anda beli pada harga RM500 juta, kini ada serahkan begitu sahaja kepada orang lain.

Saya masih bertanya, apakanh nama syarikat yang membelinya? Setakat yang saya boleh cari, ianya adalah sebuah syarikat 2 euro yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2005 dan tujuan penubuhannya hanyalah semata-mata untuk membeli Agusta. Jadi, tentu ada sesuatu bentuk pakatan. Mengapakah orang Italian menubuhkan syarikat ini untuk membeli Agusta, lebih awal sebelum kita tahu yang Agusta akan dijual?

Jadi tidak ada langsung rekod prestasi...

Setakat yang kita dapat kesan, tidak ada langsung rekod prestasinya. Nama syarikat itu agak aneh. Ia dipanggil JV SpA. Ada syarikat bernama JV SpA yang didaftar dengan Pendaftar Syarikat Itali, tetapi ianya syarikat lain sama sekali. Ia terbabit dengan urusan tenaga kerja. Anda boleh memperolehi (maklumat tersebut) di Internet. Ia tidak ada kena mengena dengan pembelian Agusta. Ini...bukanlah sebuah syarikat yang didaftar secara biasa, tetapi ianya adalah nama yang diberikan oleh sebuah firma guaman. Firma guaman itu mencipta entiti ini dan entiti ini membeli Agusta dengan harga 1 euro.

Inilah soalan yang saya sentiasa bertanya, bagaimanakah mereka mengenalpasti orang-orang ini? Bagaimanakah mereka menawarkan syarikat ini pada harga berkenaan? Adakah syarikat ini terbabit dalam industri automatif? Semua perkara ini tidak dijawab. Itulah sebabnya, sebagai penasihat Proton, saya perlu tahu. (Kalau tidak) bagaimana saya hendak memberi nasihat kepada Proton?

Dan Tun mendapat sebarang jawapan mengenainya?

Saya tidak menerima sebarang jawapan. Sebenarnya, ia menyatakan bahawa tidak ada lagi soalan yang perlu ditanya mengenainya. Hari ini, Proton, saya tidak tahu sama asda ianya berjalan dengan baik atau tidak. Ia telah menyiarkan mengenai kerugiannya, tetapi kebelakangan ini, kita tidak mendengar apa-apa lagi (mengenainya).

Adalah Tun kecewakan dengan Datuk Seri) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

Saya kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku terhadap Proton.Dan juga jambatan separuh.

Biar saya jelaskan apa yang berlaku dengan Jambatan separuh itu. Ianya telah diluluskan. Saya tidak berbelanja sesuka hati tanpa mendapat kelulusan kabinet. Sudah tentulah, kelulusan tersebut, biasannya, dibuat secara umum, tetapi ianya bukanlah sesuatu yang diluluskan secara prinsip (sahaja). Ianya telah diluluskan. Dan kerja-kerja (pembinaannya) sebenarnya telahpun dimulakan Ianya diberhentikan pada bulan Februari 2004. Ini bermakna, dari bulan Oktober (Dr Mahathir bersara pada 31 Oktober 2003) hingga Februari, kerja-kerja menanam cerucuk sudah berjalan, dan kemudiannya dia diberhentikan.

Nampaknya, ia diberhentikan kerana mereka mahukan sebuah jambatan lurus. Untuk membina jambatan lurus, mereka perlu mendapat persetujuan Singapura. Untuk jambatan separuh atau membina jambatan di sebelah negara kita, Singapura sudahpun menyatakan ia tidak membantah, dan saya mempunyai surat untuk membuktikannya. Sudah tentu, semuanya berada dalam fail kerajaan, tetapi surat-surat tersebut sudah dditerbitkan di Singapura...bukan oleh saya... Jadi mengarutlah untuk mengatakan saya telah melanggar OSA, kerana ianya sudah menjadi pengetahuan umum, yang disiarkan oleh pihak Singapura. Jadi saya mengambil petikannya dari Singapura. Untuk mendapatkan Singapura bersetuju dengan pembinaan jambatan lurus itu, Malaysia bersetuju untuk membekalkan pasir sebanyak 1 bilion juta meter kepada Singapura....

Malaysia yang menawarkannya (bekalan pasir)?

Malaysia menawarkannya, 50 juga meter persegi setahun untuk tempoh selama 20 tahun. Ini akan menjadi keluasan Singapura, satu setengah kali keluasannya sekarang. Keluasan itu sesuai untuk penduduk seramai, mungkin 10 juta orang.

Siapakah yang sebenarnya membuat tawaran tersebut?

Setakat yang saya ingat, tawaran tersebut dibuat oleh Malaysia. Ramai orang dari pihak Malaysia – saya rasa kira-kira 50 orang – yang menghadiri mesyuarat di mana tawaran berkenaan dibuat. Di sebelah pihak Singapura juga seramai 50 orang. Ini sudah menjadi pengetahuan awam. Ramai pihak yang menghadiri mesyuarat tersebut, tahu mengenai tawaran yang dibuat itu.

Ini berlaku selepas tahun 2003?

Ia diadakan selepas (projek) jambatan tersebut diberhentikan pada 2004. This is quite recent. Quite recent. The other offer was, of course, the air space, to be allowed.

Ianya diadakan selepas (pembinaan) projek tersebut dihentikan pada 2004. Hanya baru-baru ini...Satu lagi tawarannya ialah membenarkan penggunaan ruang udara (kita).

Jadi, bukan Singapura yang menuntut semua itu...ianya ditawarkan (oleh Malaysia).

Berdasarkan kepada rekod...dari mereka yang bercakap mengenai perkara ini, saya pasti mereka bercakap berdasarkan kepada rekod yang betul, Ini adalah tawaran Malaysia untuk memujuk Singapura supaya membina jambatan lurus tersebut. Mereka bersetuju.

Masalah timbul apabila Johor mendapat tahu mengenai tawaran tersebut. Johor membantah. Mereka tidak mahu membekalkan pasir kepada Singapura. Mereka tidak mahu ruang udara mereka dipenuh pesawat pejuang dari Singapura. Oleh kerana itu, pihak kerajaan mengambil keputusan tidak akan membina jambatan lurus ataupun jambatan bengkok. Ianya ok, jika anda membuat keputusan untuk tidak membina jambatan lurus. Tetapi apabila anda mengambil keputusan untuk tidak membina jambatan lurus dan tidak mahu pula membina jambatan bengkok di wilayah kita sendiri, maka di situlah kesilapan kita.

Tun kata Malaysia yang sebenarnya membuat tawaran untuk menjual pasir dan kemudiannya apabila Johor membantah, barulah kerajaan memutuskan untuk membatalkannya?

Ya. Itulah yang saya faham.

... (Malaysia) menawarkan apa yang Singapura sudah ada – pasir dan ruang udara – sehinggalah (ianya) diberhentikan pada 1997.

Memang benar. Memang benar. Saya memberhentikan ini penerbangan (pesawat tentera) di ruang udara Johor kerana Singapura tidak mahu bekerjasama dalam usaha menyelesaikan masalah-masalah lain yang kita hadapi dengan mereka, seperti bekalan air, CPF (Tabung Kumpulan Wang Pusat), mengenai (Pulau) Batu Putih, dan semuanya, jadi saya memberhentikannya.

Keduanya, saya memberhentikan penjualan pasir, kerana sebelum ini dilakukan secara persendirian. Jumlah (jualan pasir) tidaklah besar tetapi kita sudahpun dapat melihat yang mereka menggunakan pasir itu untuk kerja-kerja tambakan dan ianya menjejaskan kita. Jadi, kita tidak boleh membantu mereka berbuat sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi kita, (iaitu) penjualan pasir. Jumlahnya adalah kecil, tetapi apabila anda bercakap mengeni satu bilion meter persegi, ia bermakna anda akan menggorek dasar laut, di Mersing dan yang lain-lainnya. Ini akan memusnahkan pembiakan ikan, ia akan memusnahkan kawasan pembiakan ikan, ia akan mengakibatkan pasir di pantai menggelongsor ke laut, ia akan mengakibatkan banyak kerosakan alam sekitar. Kita tidak boleh memberikannya (pasir) kepada mereka.

Juga, kita tidak nampak mengapa, selepas ditipu oleh British supaya menjual Singapura dengan harga RM60,000 – itulah yang dibayar oleh British....sedangkan di Pulau Pinang, (bayarannya) ialah RM10,000. Ia sepatutnya 10,000 matawang Sepanyol setiap tahun. Dan sekali lagi mereka menipu kita kerana tidak membayar 10,000 dalam matawang Sepanyol, tetapi dalam RM10,000. Selepas ditipu sekali, maka kita tidak akan menjual lagi wilayah Malaysia. Pasir itu masih sebahagian daripada Malaysia. Ianya berada dalam laut kita.

Tun membuat kritikan keras terhadap pemimpin tertentu, dengan menyatakan dia telah menjual kepentingan Malaysia berhubung tawaran menjual pasir ini. Siapakah pemimpin yang Tun maksudkan itu?

(Merujuk) secara umum.

Tidak ada pemimpin tertentu?

Tidak(ada pemimpin tertentu). Anda mempunyai hak untuk melakukan apa-apa pun dalam negara anda sendiri dan apa yang dipanggil Jambatan Bengkok itu terletak dalam Malaysia dan Singapura tidak membuat sebarang bantahan. Malah, dalam surat dari (Perdana Menteri Singapura ketika itu, Goh) Chock Tong, dia berkata dia akan menerimanya. Jadi mengapa hentikan (pembinaan) Jambatan Separuh itu?

Adakan tawaran untuk menjual pasir dalam jumlah yang besar dibuat atas kepentingan komersial?

Saya tidak memikirkan mengenai kepentingan komersial dan siapakah yang dapat wang. Sudah tentunya, ada orang yang dapat wang apabila anda jual pasir. Kerajaan dapat wang mungkin (melalui) mengutip bayaran royalti atau apa-apa juga, tetapi ada orang yang akan terbabit, takkanlah semuanya hanya membabitkan Singapura sahaja. Ia tentulah satu usahasama, atau apa juga. Saya tidak berminat dengan aspek ini. Apa yang menarik minat saya ialah kita tidak boleh membina Singapura menjadi sebuah negara yang besar, dan pada masa inipun, ia bukanlah sebuah negara yang baik terhadap kita.

Sumber Malaysiakini.

Nota: Untuk wawancara asal dalam bahasa Inggeris sila langgan



well it is clear that malaysia offer the sand and airspace to singapore,so who is selling the country?youre guess is as good as mine?so now we have a traitor in the high position in the country...may god save malaysia...but god also say that man cant get anything if they dont do anything...

proton's RnD part 2

part 2 of the pics...the sepang project under testing...well later after TM'S exit became's supposed to be malaysia's first sports car...same thing what happen with the msx project..later turn into lotus APX...well malaysian are more proud if it's mat salleh name..but even autocar uk says it got more malaysian design input than uk...there you go...stupid malaysian,never will learn and improve!

Will the penguin please stand up!

Myvi drives Perodua to top spot
23 May 2006
Arman Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR: Perodua is the undisputed champion in the local car market,
pulling ahead of Proton, its main competitor.

The company sold 13,574 cars last month, giving it a 44 per cent market
share as opposed to Proton’s 9,290 cars sold for a 30.35 per cent share.

Its predominance in the sale of cars comes in the wake of intense
competition with the nation’s first local car manufacturer.

A clever choice of models has helped Perodua leapfrog Proton to take top spot.

The competition was sparked in December when Perodua outsold Proton by 99

The next month, Proton outsold Perodua by 550 cars.

But in February, Perodua hit back by selling 10,780 units, beating Proton
by 763 units.

According to the latest figures from the Malaysian Automotive Association,
Perodua had a clear lead over Proton last month, selling 4,284 more cars.

This is an indication of Perodua’s popularity: for each Savvy sold by
Proton, Perodua sold six Myvis, its best-selling model since its launch.

This was despite the fact that both models were closely priced, the Savvy
starting from RM39,427.88 and the Myvi from RM38,934.10.

According to analysts, Perodua’s success was largely due to the Myvi’s

"Previously, the two manufacturers were catering to different segments of
the market. Now, with the introduction of Myvi, Perodua has ventured into
what was previously Proton territory," Mayban Securities automobile analyst
Hanafi Zamali said.

The worst affected were models like the Proton Gen-2.

"Proton lost out in the mid-size market, which it previously dominated. It
tried to encroach into Perodua’s market by producing the Savvy, but it
wasn’t successful," he added.

Since its launch in May last year, 58,489 units of the Myvi have been sold,
while only 10,400 units of the Savvy, launched about a month later, have
been sold.

AM Research Sdn Bhd head of research Gan Kim Khoon said the Myvi was doing
very well. "The waiting list can stretch up to eight to nine months," he said.

Many analysts say Proton has to come up with new models fast in order to
halt a slide in sales.

Proton also has competition from the Naza Group, namely the Naza Sutera,
launched last month.

The Sutera, priced from RM35,998, is in the same end of the market and
20,000 units a year are expected to be sold.

MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad said, "based on the price, the Sutera
should sell well", adding that the rising price of fuel was steering
customers to smaller vehicles.

well,i suppose that after ex ceo tm departure he(azlan was so confident and acting like a monkey he is made the P20Y campaign just to spite mahaleel,giving discounts and selling at a loss,sure he then came out and made statements in the papers that proton market shares improves bla bla bla and mahaleel and tun did not do well...

well we never lost to P2 before you even without crazy discounts!moron!now where are you and your stupid remarks now!you never answer back on the mv agusta this?please stand up and take a bow for you are responsible for the state of proton now...
please address the issues now...i hope youre man enough to come out when things are rough,not just for the currently rumours are flying that protn dont have enough cash to product a platform for new models cos of you...your idiot discounts on cars ang mega spending spree i think..1 platform needs a billion ringgit..sure last time we had more than 2billion...what happened?your into your last billions now?i suppose you want to quit but the premier wont let you?

now..will the real penguin(failure)please stand up..


my god,boys and gals...please dont try this in any perodua cars....this was taken at an sso event...face it,P2 cars are never meant to be driven hard..

nothing more to say except...idiots!!!!you want handling dont buy tall cars...u can never defy the laws of grvity..

Monday, May 22, 2006

Real NEWS!(not kali one)

i have a 2 links for you readers..please click on them..i personally recommend you to click on malaysia today..the news website that is not controlled by pak lah and kalimullah....please read the khairi chronicles there for your complete understanding of the malaysian politics etc2...and a kadir jasin is a journalist under mahathir last you can get unbiased news that is not controlled by someone who is a share partner in a company with the PM'S son in law....

mahathir's statement

Oleh YBhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Saya menulis surat terbuka ini sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan negara untuk sesiapa saja yang ingin membacanya.

Fakta-fakta yang terkandung dalam surat ini perlu saya hebahkan dengan cara ini kerana pada akhir-akhir ini tidak banyak lagi kenyataan saya yang disiarkan, sama ada oleh media massa elektronik atau cetak, walaupun mereka menghantar wakil untuk menghadiri sidang akhbar saya.

Mengenai isu di atas, saya telah menyatakan pandangan saya iaitu Kerajaan Malaysia telah gagal mempertahankan kedaulatan negara. Akibat daripada itu negara mengalami kerugian berbilion ringgit. Wang ini adalah wang rakyat.

Saya juga mahu rakyat faham sikap dan tindak-tanduk Kerajaan Singapura serta dakwaan Kerajaan Malaysia yang ia memberhentikan pembinaan jambatan itu kerana isu undang-undang dan kerana sentimen rakyat yang tidak sanggup menyerahkan ruang udara serta penjualan pasir kepada Singapura, dan ini disalahertikan secara sengaja bahawa rakyat tidak mahu jambatan. Rakyat mahu jambatan tetapi menolak syarat Singapura, kerana ia tidak berasas dan bukan hak Singapura.

Singapura sangat gemar mencetak surat-menyurat antara pemimpinnya dengan pemimpin Malaysia dengan tujuan membuktikan yang ia di pihak yang benar.

Kerajaan Malaysia sekarang percaya bahawa dengan tidak menyanggah kempen memutarbelitkan oleh Singapura, masalah yang dihadapi akan selesai dengan sendirinya. Tetapi ini angan-angan yang tidak akan jadi kenyataan.

Di dalam amalan diplomatik, surat-surat yang ditulis oleh suatu pihak dengan memetik persetujuan-persetujuan lisan yang kononnya dicapai di dalam rundingan tidak rasmi di kalangan pemimpin, adalah tidak sah.

Untuk menjadikan ianya sah, rundingan hendaklah dicatat dan dirakam dengan sempurna, disahkan dan ditandatangani oleh kedua-dua belah pihak. Kenyataan yang dibuat di dalam sidang akhbar oleh salah satu pihak tanpa pengesahan pihak satu lagi juga adalah tidak sah.

Encik Lee Kuan Yew, ketika dia menjadi Menteri Kanan Singapura, sangat gemar meminta diadakan pertemuan empat mata tanpa agenda yang sempurna dan kemudian merakamkan hasil pertemuan itu di dalam suratnya sendiri kepada pihak ketiga. (sila lihat Apendiks 1)

Berdasarkan surat-surat itu juga, dia harap rakan sejawatnya akan menyetujui kandungannya dan oleh yang demikian terikat dengan kandungan surat-surat itu. Dia tidak mengambil kira jika catatannya tidak dianggap tepat dan tidak disahkan.

Saya menganggap apa-apa pun yang tidak menepati amalan diplomatik sebagai tidak sah. Tanggapan beliau adalah tanggapan beliau sahaja, tidak Iebih dan tidak kurang. Tindakannya mencetak surat-suratnya sebagai bukti bahawa saya telah bersetuju tidak bermakna sama sekali. Hanya jika saya membalas surat itu dan mengesahkan perkara-perkara tertentu, barulah perkara-perkara berkenaan boleh dianggap benar. Tetapi sama ada ia sah dan kita terikat dengannya, bergantung pada pengesahan dan persetujuan kedua-dua belah pihak, secara rasmi.

Berdolak-dalik mengenai apa yang disebut “pakej” dan ketidakmampuan mencapai sebarang persetujuan adalah kerana kelulusan yang berasaskan “pakej” tidak praktikal. Jika persetujuan tidak boleh dicapai mengenai mana-mana satu perkara maka persetujuan tidak boleh dicapai bagi semua perkara dalam pakej itu.

Atas sebab inilah yang saya mencadangkan dan Encik Goh Chok Tong bersetuju iaitu kita menyelesaikan perkara demi perkara secara berasingan. Ini siperakukan dan diterima oleh Encik Goh Chok Tong selaku Perdana Menteri melalui surat bertarikh Oktober 14 2002 (sila lihat Apendiks 2) yang antara lain menyebut;

“Pada penghujung pertemuan (di Hanoi) anda berkata kita perlu mencuba menyelesaikan isu air, lagi cepat lagi baik. Saya bersetuju....”

Tetapi di dalam surat yang sama, Encik Goh Chok Tong berkata;

“Oleh yang demikian, saya tidak menjangka menerima surat anda bertarikh 7hb Oktober pada l0hb Oktober di mana anda menyatakan “Malaysia telah memutuskan untuk tidak meneruskan pendekatan pakej……”


Setelah menolak pendekatan pakej, saya membuat jangkaan yang isu pembinaan jambatan tidak akan dikaitkan dengan sebarang isu lain. Saya menaruh harapan yang sangat tinggi apabila isu pembinaan jambatan disebutkan di dalam surat-surat Menteri Kanan Lee Kuan Yew dan Perdana Menteri Goh Chok Tong.

Dalam sepucuk surat (sila rujuk Apendiks I perenggan 6) kepada Tun Daim Zainuddin, Lee berkata;

“Mengenai cadangan Mahathir membina Jambatan Tambak, Perdana Menteri saya (Goh) bersetuju dengannya tetapi mencadangkan agar kita tidak merobohkan Tambak Johor.”

Nampaknya rakyat Singapura lebih menyetujui jika kedua-dua jambatan baru dan Tambak Johor ada. Ini tentulah tidak masuk akal kerana cadangan pembinaan jambatan baru adalah bertujuan membuka laluan di antara kedua-dua belah di Selat Tebrau supaya air boleh mengalir tanpa sekatan. Ia bukan bertujuan menambah kapasiti hubungan antara Singapura dan Johor. Jika ini berlaku, ia hanyalah satu kebetulan.

Satu lagi hujah menarik Encik Lee ialah (sekiranya Singapura bersetuju dengan pembinaan jambatan itu);

“Singapura akan menambak laut di sebelah wilayahnya hingga ke sempadan dengan Malaysia.” (rujuk Apendiks 3, surat Menteri Kanan Lee kepada Dr Mahathir bertarikh Sept 8, 2001)

Sempadan antara Singapura dan Malaysia di Selat Tebrau adalah dasar laut yang paling dalam. Bagaimanapun, bagi Tambak Johor sempadannya adalah di tengah-tengah jambatan. Jika Singapura menambak laut di sebelah wilayahnya sehingga ke sempadan, ia bererti hanya laut di sebelah Malaysia akan kekal. Jadi apa halnya dengan konsep sempadan berasaskan dasar laut paling dalam? Dalam surat yang sama kepada Daim (rujuk Apendiks I perenggan 12), Menteri Kanan Lee berkata;

“Saya sentiasa memaklumkan inisiatif saya kepada Perdana Menteri saya. Dia (Perdana Menteri Goh) bagaimanapun, berkata dia menyerahkan hal ini kepada saya sehingga peringkat akhir apabila dia akan mengkajinya dengan teliti sebelum memberi sebarang persetujuan.”

Menteri Kanan Lee juga menulis (Apendiks 1, perenggan 12); “semua nota atau surat yang saya hantar kepada anda dan kepada Mahathir dan sebaliknya perlulah dianggap sebagai Tanpa Prejudis (Without Prejudice) iaitu tidak akan ada sebarang perjanjian sehingga semua perkara dipersetujui dan ditandatangani oleh kedua-dua Perdana Menteri.”

Jelas bahawa Menteri Kanan Lee tidak diberi kuasa untuk memutuskan apa-apa kerana beliau perlu memaklumkannya kepada Perdana Menteri Goh untuk dikaji sebelum dipersetujui. Jika tidak, maka tidak akan ada sebarang persetujuan mengenai semua perkara sehinggalah diperakui dan ditandatangani oleh kedua-dua Perdana Menteri.

Dalam jawapan kepada cadangan saya agar terminal Keretapi Tanah Melayu dibina di Johor Baru, Menteri Kanan Lee, melalui surat bertarikh 10 Disember 2001 (sila rujuk Apendiks 4, perenggan 10), berkata;

“Saya harap anda juga akan menimbangkan kepentingan jangka panjang dan nilai perkhidmatan KTM. Sejak tahun 1923 kereta api merupakan perhubungan yang sangat berharga …….. Saya rasa mengekalkan hubungan kereta api antara Kuala Lumpur dan Singapura menguntungkan kedua-dua buah Negara……... Bagaimanapun, oleh sebab KTM milik negara anda, Singapura akan mematuhi keputusan anda”.

Dalam surat ini, Menteri Kanan Lee berikrar mematuhi keputusan saya. Namun beliau boleh juga berkata Perdana Menteri Goh tidak bersetuju dan segala surat-menyurat kami adalah tanpa prejudis.

Namun begitu, apabila beliau atau Perdana Menteri Goh Chok Tong dan saya sendiri menurunkan pandangan-pandangan kami dalam bentuk tulisan, ia menggambarkan apa yang kami fikirkan. Tetapi oleh sebab ia dilakukan tanpa prejudis, kami tidak terikat dengan apa yang kami katakan.

Justeru itu, tidak timbul persoalan berdolak-dalik atau memindahkan tiang gol. Kedudukan tiang gol belum diputuskan. OIeh sebab apa yang dilakukan itu berasaskan konsep tanpa prejudis, maka ia tidak Iebih daripada cadangan sahaja.

Dalam surat bertarikh 11 April 2002 (rujuk Apendiks 5) Perdana Menteri Goh menyebut;
“Saya sekarang memutuskan untuk mengendalikan sendiri perbincangan kita mengenai pakej dua hala.”
Sekarang barulah seorang yang berkuasa bercakap (bagi pihak Singapura).

Di dalam apa yang boleh dianggap sebagai komitmen mutakhir, Perdana Menteri Goh menulis (kepada saya):

1. Bridge

“Di antara sebuah jambatan baru bagi menggantikan keseluruhan Tambak, dan yang menggantikan hanya bahagian di sebelah Malaysia, saya lebih suka kepada pilihan pertama.”

“Sebaik sahaja jambatan baru siap, Tambak bolehlah dirobohkan, yang mana saya gembira jika dilakukan selepas tahun 2007.” “Tetapi sekiranya anda mahu menggantikan Tambak di sebelah negara anda dengan sebuah jambatan dengan serta-merta, saya akan menyetujuinya, walaupun pada pendapat saya ini tidaklah ideal.”

Apakah kesimpulan yang boleh kita buat kepada kenyataan ini? Tidak pun disebut mengenai pasir dari Malaysia dan pembukaan ruang udara kepada kapal terbang tentera Singapura. Juga tidak disebutkan tentang nostalgia, hanya keutamaan supaya Tambak dirobohkan selepas tahun 2007.

Sekarang dihujahkan pula bahawa jika Malaysia sentuh paip yang membawa air ke Singapura, ia adalah tindakan perang (act of war). Adakah ini perisytiharan perang?

Peruntukan “Wayleave Agreement” dengan Singapura cukup jelas. Berikut adalah apa yang dipersetujui mengenai paip air;

“That the Licensee (Singapore) shall take full responsibility financially or otherwise for any alteration to the pipeline that may become necessary by reason of any alterations or improvements made or to be made on the Johor Causeway and on receiving not less than six months previous notice in writing from the Licensors (Malaysia) shall thereupon carry out the alteration in accordance with such notice and shall have no claim for any compensation.”

[“Bahawa Pemegang Lesen (Singapura) akan mengambil sepenuh tanggungjawab kewangan atau sebaliknya bagi sebarang pindaan kepada saluran paip apabila ia diperlukan untuk sebarang pengubahsuaian atau pembaikan atau yang diperlukan di Tambak sebelah negeri Johor dan apabila menerima notis bertulis enam bulan sebelumnya daripada Pelesen (Malaysia) akan melakukan pengubahsuaian itu seperti yang disebutkan di dalam notis tanpa sebarang tuntutan ganti rugi.”]

Perjanjian itu tidak menyebut mengenai hak Pemegang Lesen (Singapura) mengingkarinya. Peruntukan “akan melaksanakan pengubahsuaian” (Shall carry out the alteration) sangat jelas dan kuat. Singapura wajib melaksanakan pengubahsuaian itu. Tetapi jika Singapura ingkar, ia mungkin merupakan tindakan perang dan bukan sebaliknya.

Apabila kerja awal pembinaan jambatan dimulakan tidak ada protes dan tidak ada permintaan membeli pasir atau menggunakan ruang udara kita. Sekarang pembinaan jambatan di sebelah wilayah kita pun nampaknya tertakluk kepada syarat kita membekalkan berjuta meter padu pasir kepada Singapura untuk menambak laut dan membuka ruang udara kita kepada jet tentera udaranya. Daripada mana datang semua syarat ini? Apakah kaitan antara perluasan wilayah Singapura dengan kita membina jambatan di dalam wilayah kita sendiri?

Tindak-tanduk Singapura mengaitkan pembinaan jambatan di wilayah kita dengan tuntutan kita menjual pasir dan membuka ruang udara kepadanya tidak berasas sama sekali.

Mengapa Kerajaan Malaysia perlu bersetuju memberi pasir dan membuka ruang udara kepada Singapura, jika tidak terpaksa memberhentikan pembinaan jambatan bengkok di wilayah kita sendiri adalah di luar kemampuan saya memahaminya.

Adalah hak rakyat Malaysia tidak menjual pasir kepada Singapura atau membuka ruang udara kepadanya. Tetapi rakyat tidak pernah mengatakan yang mereka bersedia mengorbankan projek jambatan. Yang mereka tidak mahu adalah mengalah kepada tuntutan Singapura supaya kita menjual pasir dan membuka ruang udara. Mereka mahukan jambatan tetapi mereka juga mahu Kerajaan mereka menyanggah tuntutan Singapura kerana di segi undang-undang Malaysia tidak perlu melayan syarat-syarat Singapura.

Tindak-tanduk Singapura ini telah dijangkakan. Tetapi Kerajaan Malaysia gagal mempertahankan kedaulatan negara. Di samping itu, ia telah menyebabkan kerugian berbilion ringgit wang rakyat jelata.

Biarlah rakyat Malaysia, khasnya orang Melayu, Melayu Johor terutamanya, ingat bahawa lnggeris telah menipu Sultan untuk menyerahkan Singapura dengan percuma kepada mereka (Inggeris).

Seperti Pulau Pinang, Lumut dan Melaka, Singapura sepatutnya dikembalikan kepada kita apabila lnggeris melepaskan hak mereka. Tetapi Singapura telah menjadi begitu asing keadaannya sehingga ia tidak boleh lagi menjadi sebahagian daripada Malaysia.

Apakah Malaysia sekarang akan memberi lebih banyak tanah kepada Singapura supaya ia boleh memperluaskan wilayahnya dan menambah bilangan penduduknya? Menyerahkan dasar laut kita kepada Singapura tidak ada bezanya dengan memberikan bumi kita kepada Singapura. Kesudahannya ialah perluasan wilayah Singapura. Ia tidak ada bezanya dengan menyerahkan sebahagian daripada Johor untuk tujuan ini. Apakah kita begitu miskin sehingga kita perlu menjual sekeping bumi kita kepada orang lain?

Generasi rakyat Malaysia yang akan datang, sama ada Melayu atau Johor, akan menyumpah kita jika kita melakukan semua ini sedangkan kita berhak membina jambatan di atas bumi dan laut kita sendiri sebagai sebuah negara yang merdeka dan berdaulat.

Cukuplah kita menyerahkan Singapura (kepada Inggeris). Tidak perlulah kita menyerahkan lagi tanah kita kepada Singapura walaupun ada orang yang berpendapat kita hanya boleh membina jambatan di negara kita jika Singapura bersetuju.

Rakyat Malaysia tidak pernah mengatakan demikian. Janganlah ada sesiapa yang menyumbat hujah ke dalam mulut mereka semata-mata kerana orang itu takut untuk mempertahankan hak dan kedaulatan negara serta rakyat Malaysia.

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad


How much money do the ‘AP Kings’ really make?

You figure it out for yourself


There is an ongoing brouhaha about Approved Permits (APs) being awarded to certain favoured and crony companies. Actually, the issue is more than just the APs. A bigger issue is the undisclosed profits these companies could be making through these APs.

Does such a thing exist? You figure it out for yourselves from these official records filed with the Registrar of Companies of just ten of the companies.

1) Hyumal Motor Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 1997
Quota a year: 8,573
Total quota to 2004: 68,584

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM2,057,520,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM6,858,400,000

Directors/Shareholders: Datuk Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansur (20%), Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun (10%), Dato Abdul Malek Ahmad (10%), Arsam bin Damis (10%), Azman bin Ahmad (5%), Wan Adli bin Wan Ibrahim (deceased - 5%)

Company owned by Berjaya Group Berhad (20%) and Tadamansori Holdings Sdn Bhd (20%)

Paid up capital: RM6,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2002
Total assets: RM54,714,283.00
Total liabilities: RM13,582,880.00

Turnover: RM214,357,239.00
Profit before tax: RM28,440,701.00
Profit after tax: RM18,642,250.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

2) Naza Kia Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 1997
Quota a year: 8,432
Total quota to 2004: 67,456

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM2,023,680,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM6,745,600,000

Directors/Shareholders: Tan Sri Dato Seri Nasimuddin Kamal (80%) and Dato Hj Sheikh Shalahuddin Ayubi Kamal (20%)

Paid up capital: RM2.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2003

Total assets: RM195,514.00
Total liabilities: RM147,736.00

Turnover: RM12,500.00
Profit before tax: RM56,184.00
Profit after tax: RM55,447.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

3) Cartrade Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 1997
Quota a year: 1,237
Total quota to 2004: 9,896

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM296,880,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM989,600,000

Directors/Shareholders: Mohamed Ilyas bin Pakeer Mohamed (75%) and Zahrah bte Ahmad (25%)

Paid up capital: RM2,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 1999
Total assets: RM66,111,133.00
Total liabilities: RM21,861,323.00

Turnover: RM50,594,253 (1997 was RM205,867,002)
Profit before tax: RM1,468,088.00
Profit after tax: RM1,468,088.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

4) Directional (M) Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 1997
Quota a year: 811
Total quota to 2004: 6,488

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM194,640,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM648,800,000

Directors: Dato Ismayddin bin Abdul Manan, Mohamed Husain bin KC Ahammu, Zamaliah bte Juah and Datuk Chong Wei Yoon

Company 100% owned by USF-Hicom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Paid up capital: RM45,472,698.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2004
Total assets: RM78,559,962.00
Total liabilities: RM127,402,919.00

Turnover: RM63,101,790.00
Profit before tax: RM4,253,641.00
Profit after tax: RM4,253,641.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

5) NZ Wheel (M) Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 1997
Quota a year: 419
Total quota to 2004: 3,352

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM100,560,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM335,200,000

Directors/Shareholders: Tan Sri Dato Seri Nasimuddin Kamal (12%), Dato Hj Sheikh Shalahuddin Ayubi Kamal (4%) and Puan Sri Datin Seri Zaleha bte Ismail (4%)

Company 80% owned by Naza Motor Trading Sdn Bhd

Paid up capital: RM1,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2002
Total assets: RM242,159,309.00
Total liabilities: RM202,619,735.00

Turnover: RM230,876,062.00
Profit before tax: RM6,692,925.00
Profit after tax: RM4,702,925.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

6) Competitive Supreme Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 2002
Quota a year: 1,807
Total quota to 2004: 5,421

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM162,630,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM 542,100,000

Directors/Shareholders: Muhammad Fadhil bin Ahmad (50%) and Zahari bin Jaffar (50%)

Paid up capital: RM1,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2002
Total assets: RM1,085,686.00
Total liabilities: RM319,540.00

Turnover: RM3,776,463.00
Profit before tax: RM233,854.00
Profit after tax: RM233,854.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

7) Nasim Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 2002
Quota a year: 293
Total quota to 2004: 879

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM26,370,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM87,900,000

Directors/Shareholders: Tan Sri Dato Seri Nasimuddin Kamal (50%) and Dato Hj Sheikh Shalahuddin Ayubi Kamal (50%)

Ministry records shows SM Amin instead of Dato Hj Sheikh Shalahuddin Ayubi Kamal

Paid up capital: RM2.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2000
Total assets: RM8,204.00
Total liabilities: RM8,202.00

Turnover: 0
Profit before tax: 0
Profit after tax: 0

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

8) Weststar Motorsport Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 2002
Quota a year: 7,603
Total quota to 2004: 22,809

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM684,270,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM2,280,900,000

Directors: Datuk Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Rahim, Dato Haniff bin Abd Aziz, Dato Syed Azman bin Syed Ibrahim and Che Aziyah bte Hassan

Company 100% owned by Weststar Holdings Sdn Bhd

Ministry records DO NOT show Datuk Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Rahim and Che Aziyah bte Hassan but instead shows Dato Azzuddin Ahmad

Paid up capital: RM2,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2003
Total assets: RM24,335,475.00
Total liabilities: RM4,908,259.00

Turnover: RM340,898,912.00
Profit before tax: RM18,637,870.00
Profit after tax: RM13,617,267.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

9) Atlantic Star Auto Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 2003
Quota a year: 582
Total quota to 2004: 1,164

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM34,920,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM116,400,000

Directors/Shareholders: Dato Haniff bin Abd Aziz (50%) and Dato Syed Azman bin Syed Ibrahim (50%)

Paid up capital: RM1,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2004
Total assets: RM6,452,532.00
Total liabilities: RM5,320,973.00

Turnover: 0
Profit before tax: 0
Profit after tax: 0

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For Malaysia Today’s readers to figure out)

10) Auto Pacific Star Sdn Bhd

Enjoying APs since: 2003
Quota a year: 5,087
Total quota to 2004: 10,174

If sell the APs

At average RM30,000 per AP
Total accumulated from APs: RM 305,220,000

If used APs to actually import cars

At conservative estimate of RM100,000 per AP
Total accumulated to 2004: RM1,017,400,000

Directors: Dato Haniff bin Abd Aziz and Dato Syed Azman bin Syed Ibrahim

Company owned by Asas Komited Sdn Bhd (23.3%) and Magna Prominent Sdn Bhd (76.7%)

Paid up capital: RM1,000,000.00

Last statutory accounts filed: 2003
Total assets: RM74,645,643.00
Total liabilities: RM71,252,836.00

Turnover: RM93,534,342.00
Profit before tax: RM3,372,782.00
Profit after tax: RM2,392,807.00

Estimated hidden (undeclared) profits to 2004: (For you to figure out)

and this does not include the recyle AP's....well well well all our fuel subsidy money gone.taxes from imports?forget about it cos pak lah has already signed FTA with the japs,and coming soon the US of A...mahathir,we miss you!